Notes about the First Mass

A couple of notes about tomorrow's (Aug. 7) First Sunday Mass at our new parish:

--> Mass will be a High Mass with students from Northeast Catholic College singing along with anyone else who wants to volunteer

--> Servers for the Mass will also be volunteers since I don't have a schedule yet

--> Fr. Georges deLaire will be attending Mass in choir to represent His Excellency Bishop Libasci. He will also say a few words before the sermon on behalf of the Bishop

--> A coffee and doughnut reception will be held in the parking lot after Mass. Although the Corpus Christi Food Pantry is resident in the entire Church basement, we have the use of the outer reception area which has a few tables and power outlets. In addition, we can use the kitchen but since the space down there is limited, we will only use it for the preparation of the food and drink. Please ensure that at the end of our use of the basement, we thoroughly clean up including wiping down the tables and vacuuming since the Food Pantry will be open for business bright and early on Monday morning.

--> The only restrooms in the Church are located in the Church basement and are not accessible through the Church. You would need to go outside to the back door of the Church (across from the rectory breezeway back entrance) and go downstairs. Unfortunately, there are no accessible restrooms at this time and is something we, no doubt, will need to address in the near future.

--> If you have never been to a Traditional Latin Mass before, or if it has been awhile, don't be nervous, I'm sure you are not the only one! Come with an open mind and don't worry about doing the right motions or following along the first few times. Let the music, ceremony, incense and everything else lift your mind and heart to God, and you will be fulfilling the purpose of Mass: to worship Almighty God. It might take a few times to feel comfortable so don't give up until you have come at least five times!

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

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