First Mass thanks

We made it through the First Sunday Mass at our new parish yesterday, and what a glorious day it was. The Church was full with several people standing, even after the front pews were filled in at my invitation. It was my pleasure to see and meet so many of you. I regret that there wasn't enough time to meet everyone but I do want to do so in the upcoming weeks. Thanks especially to the volunteers in the choir, the altar servers, cleaners, ushers and the family who volunteered to organize the coffee and doughnut reception in the parking lot. Aside from the heat, it seemed to work well. Since we are just beginning and meeting each other, I think it would be good if we could have another reception after Mass this coming Sunday. Would someone be willing to volunteer to head this up? We have several supplies left from last week and a couple of Mr. Coffees, so part of the work is done. Please go to the "discussion" tab on the website if you would be willing to take this job on this coming Sunday (August 14).

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