What a way to begin

I am exhausted but in awe of the 30 or so people who were busy giving hours of their time to the Church. Our Work Part began with Holy Mass which was attended by most of the workers. Then, after an organizational meeting over coffee and bakery in the Church Basement, our parishioners headed to all four directions of the parish property armed with a work list and any number of supplies. The amount of work that was accomplished was quite amazing to me. What I thought would be a 2 or 3 hour work session ended just a short time ago, with a number of the workers staying well past the supper hour. I was so moved by the generosity and determination of so many of you who worked so hard to clean, fix, prepare, repair and improve the Church, rectory and grounds. It was hard work but several agreed with me that it was a fun day and gave parishioners a chance to meet each other and contribute to your parish.

One of the effects of this day is that we are now very well-stocked with cleaning supplies. Thank you to all who brought and left so many things which will be very useful to the parish.

An investigation was made of the sanctuary steps. We pulled back some of the carpet, opened up a section of the floor and saw where the original steps had been covered over some time ago. Plans are being made to restore the sanctuary to its original configuration which will allow the return of the Communion Rail. This will be worked on in the upcoming weeks.

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