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I'm back after a poorly-timed vacation (due to unforeseen circumstances) and am working diligently to get our parish established. I have been in the office most of the week working on our finance system, trying to put the diocesan procedures in place and getting the office set up. I know that many of you are waiting for returned calls and emails, meetings, responses and the like. As I was driving to Manchester earlier this week, I saw this billboard that displayed up-to-time minute wait times for a particular clinic and it gave me an idea. So, on the bottom of the home page of our website, I've added and "up-to-the minute" status of where I am at with returning calls and emails. You'll see how many emails are in my inbox and the number of phone messages that need to be returned, along with the date of the oldest one. Right now the numbers are pretty high and the line goes back to June. But don't despair, if I can get a good solid block of time in the upcoming days, I should be able to make some progress. The trouble is that there are so many pressing issues involved in setting up the parish that have kept me from making much progress. As I am able to identify volunteers to whom I can delegate work, that will greatly help (although that takes time as well). In the meantime, it is a good exercise in patience for all of us, a virtue that is a rare treasure in our fast-paced world!

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