Work Party this Saturday

You asked for it and you got it. This Saturday, September 24 after the 9 a.m. Low Mass, there will be a work party in the Church and Rectory. The primary purpose of this one:

---> To thoroughly clean the Rectory basement in preparation for the reception after next week's Installation of the Pastor reception and begin setting up tables and chairs. (This room will also be heavily used for classes and meeting in the coming months(.

---> To continue on other maintenance and repairs not completed in last month's work party

So, if you have some time to spare and want to roll up your sleeves with fellow parishioners either in cleaning or fixing, come to the Work Party this Saturday.

We have plenty of cleaning supplies now, the basement has been dehumidified, so the only thing people might want to bring would be work clothes and a carpet cleaner. If we get more than one carpet cleaner, there are some other areas that could use it.

If there is anything on the work list that you are able to do, you can refer to that list for any supplies needed.

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