Parish Registration Now Open

Time to register! Parish registration is now available online. The new Personal Parish of St. Stanislaus in Nashua, New Hampshire is now accepting registrations of individuals and families. You are invited to register with us, but it is important to know that the Code of Canon Law permits you to be registered at only one parish at one time. Even if you are registered one parish, you can still attend some of the time at another, and vice versa. If you will be keeping your registration at another parish, you are still encouraged to fill out the form on our website so that we can keep you informed about parish events and so that we can contact you if necessary. However, please inform us by email, mail or telephone if you are staying registered elsewhere so that we can be sure to list you as an associate here rather than as a member.​ Our parish database software allows you to complete much of the registration online. Because everyone will be registering at the same time, and because we do not yet have an office staff, you are encouraged to help us out by providing as much of your information through the online form as possible. If you do not have Internet access, paper registration forms will be provided at a later date.​Ready to register? Great. Start at the Registration Page on our website.

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