Following Holy Week from home

The great week of the Church year is upon us. We are all aware of the circumstances in which we find ourselves this year, separated from physical presence at the ceremonies. Nonetheless, great spiritual fruit and many graces are desired for you by Almighty God. Following along with the Masses and services via our live stream is one way that you might unite with them.

For those who have hand missals from 1954 or earlier, the Holy Week as given there is what we will be observing at St. Stanislaus. If you have a 1955 or newer missal, you will find some significant differences. There is a website which has published the pre-1955 Holy Week texts for the faithful and you would not regret having something to follow along with the translations and explanations:

On top of that difference, there are other differences when Holy Week ceremonies are performed in small Churches without the ability for the full ceremonies. With the COVID limitations, we certainly find ourselves in that situation. So, even with a pre-1955 text, you will find other differences owing to the lack of full liturgical resources (such as servers, a Choir and a congregation). Nonetheless, I urge you to follow the best you can, using the texts as much as you can to enter deeply into the Sacred Mysteries upon which we now embark

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