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Updated: May 12

For most of our parishioners, the most difficult part of this past month has been the separation from Holy Mass and Communion. In the Traditional rites, Holy Communion is not a “grab and go” event. The idea of regular “Communion services” is quite modern. Although the heresy of Jansenism made people feel they could almost never receive, the idea of having a right to receive upon demand is from the last century. Nonetheless, we want to provide the opportunity to receive Holy Communion to as many as we can, especially during this trying time. Given the current restrictions, this is not an easy task, especially if we want to respect the Tradition and Traditional rites of the Church (which we are ordained to safeguard), remain obedient to our Bishop and safeguard the health of especially our vulnerable parishioners.

As of today, we are still limited to gatherings of 10 total, including the priest, so this will have to be done 9 at a time. Considering that we have almost 700 registered individuals, it would take at least 50 individual ceremonies to give each person Holy Communion once. We are going to do our best. It should be obvious that we will have our hands full with just our own people, so we will not be able to accommodate others for now. Moreover, our primary pastoral charge is to care spiritually for our flock which, given our status as a Personal Parish, is defined by those who are registered and actively attending here, current circumstances notwithstanding.

We have made a plan that we believe will allow our parishioners to receive Holy Communion – the very strength they need at this time – while also following the directives of the Bishop.

  • Only parishioners who were registered with us either as Members or Associates as of April 28, 2020 will be able to sign up

  • Those who would like to receive can sign up at this link. An individual registration is necessary for each member of the household that wishes to receive. Only those without internet access may contact the parish office to make their request.

  • The priests will form groups of 9 people and inform them by email as to the time for their Holy Communion. If you are unable to come at that time, we will replace you and put your name back on the list for future scheduling

  • The reception of Holy Communion outside of Mass is a complete ceremony (about 10 minutes total) and you will need to be present for its entirety. Please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to allow for a proper preparation and do not leave the Communion rail until you have received the final blessing from the priests. Plan to make a good Thanksgiving in the Church of at least a few minutes.

Since we will be having multiple ceremonies a day, confessions just before each Holy Communion will not be able to be offered. However, we do have confessions scheduled daily and we encourage you to take advantage of those opportunities.

We know this is far from ideal but we appreciate your understanding. We are doing everything we can to provide as much as possible to help you weather this storm.

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