Palms are available

The palms that were blessed on Palm Sunday are available for you to pick up. We have spread them out in different locations:

1. Front porch of rectory

2. Outside main Church doors

3. Inside main Church doors

4. Outside the rectory/garage breezeway

We are trying to accommodate those who are sensitive to the potential spread of germs. We are putting out just a few at a time to keep them as "uncontaminated" as possible. Please feel free to come and get them, and also make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament during your trip if you are able. Remember that parishioners can get a personal door code for the Church, and others can ring the rectory front door bell to be let in if the Church isn't already unlocked. Be sure to try both the left and right side of the front doors because sometimes one will be unlocked if the other is not.

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