Sunday evening update

OK, so it seems to be a bad time to get a sickness of any kind at the moment ... anything that remotely resembles Coronavirus has to be treated as such. Test results will be in soon but in the meantime we are required to take "an abundance of caution."

We will have to pause all public priestly activity for the moment. For the next couple of days we will not be able to offer confessions nor say Mass in the Church. The Church is scheduled to be thoroughly, professionally sanitized on Tuesday. After that, we hope to have another priest fill in for us until Father Liebert returns on Thursday.

To summarize:

-- No confessions will be offered until further notice (no more than a few days at the most, hopefully)

-- Mass will not be able to be said in the Church, therefore we will not be able to live stream it until after it is sanitized

-- We will continue to live stream the Tabernacle 24/7

-- The parish secretary will work regular office hours remotely, so the telephone and parish email will be answered

-- Please do not bring food or anything else to the rectory as we will not be able to answer the door or accept it

-- Needless to say, there will not be anyone available to travel to Winchester at the moment

Remember, all this is from "an abundance of caution" and there is no proof of any COVID-19 illnesses at this time. We have strictly followed all the guidelines from the Bishop and the government officials, so let us pray that this passes quickly and can be chalked up to a late-arriving Lenten penance.

And don't forget to rejoice and even smile, because Our Lord remains resurrected despite all this!

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