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Several of you have expressed how difficult this current situation is for you. It is also difficult for us, being separated from our flock especially during Holy Mass.

One of the greatest dangers during a time like this is misinformation. Nature abhors a vacuum, and we have all probably felt that pull to check the news, websites, blogs to see if there is anything new. We have already hear misinformation about what is going on even at our own Church, so I want to open this channel of communication so that you can have a trusted place to go for truth and accurate information. Please bookmark this blog or the home page of our website which we will keep updated.

Yesterday, I agreed to a contract with our sound company to install a live-streaming service which will stream audio and video from the interior of our Church through our website. When it is up and running, we will keep the cameras on 24/7 during this dark time so that you can maintain contact with your parish, "attend" Mass remotely, hear our sermons and "visit" the Blessed Sacrament. Normally this would take weeks or months to install

but our contractor, Power Sound of New England, is doing a rush job for us and hopes to have it up next Friday or the following week at the latest.

You trust us for the Truth normally, please trust us during these difficult times. Limit somewhat the amount of searching and reading you do to satisfy curiosity as the devil can take advantage of that. During this time of Lent when we should be disciplining ourselves, including our curiosity, be sure that spiritual reading, the lives of the saints and other Catholic material is a prominent part of the reading you do.

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