Sign up to help with temporary daily Church sanitizing

One of the requirements we have for the time being is to wipe down pews, kneelers and hig-touch areas after each Mass.  There have been a few faithful souls who have been doing this daily for the past 2 weeks but we need others to volunteer to prevent burnout.  It is something that a family could do in a few minutes, or an individual alone would perhaps take 15 or so minutes.  If you would be willing to sign up for a Mass each week or two (or even once) please sign up by clicking the Ministry Scheduler Pro link below, choose "Church Cleaner/Sanitizer" and choose the Mass(es) after which which you are available to help.  If any of your family members are already registered as Altar Servers, Ushers, Money Counters, etc. please add "Church Cleaner/Sanitizer" to his/her account rather than create a new one.