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Blessings at Saint Stanislaus

The first Sunday of each month:

The General Blessing of All Objects, the Blessing of Rosaries, and the Blessing of Expectant Mothers only will be given after each Mass. You may bring anything to be blessed, but items with a special blessing, such as St. Benedict Medals, candles, olive oil, etc. should be blessed with their particular blessings at the times noted below.

The second Saturday of each month:

After the 9 a.m. Mass, all blessings will be available, including brown scapular enrollments and other such enrollments.


The Blessing of Salt:

There is not a specific blessing for salt, but it is blessed as part of the making of Holy Water. This is done as needed, about every 3 weeks or so. Those wanting blessed salt should put it under the Holy Water tank near the St. Joseph altar, labeled with your name. When the priest makes new Holy Water, he will also bless the salt and put an indication on it that it is blessed. Once blessed, the salt will be moved to the Church basement under the lost and found shelf.

By request:

When circumstances arise for blessings outside of those times, you are welcome to ask and we will usually be able to accommodate you. We only ask that you do not leave items to be blessed as we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

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