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Parish Registration

The Personal Parish of St. Stanislaus in Nashua, New Hampshire is now accepting registrations of individuals and families.  You are invited to register with us, but it is important to know that the Code of Canon Law permits you to be registered at only one parish at one time.  Even if you are registered one parish, you can still attend some of the time at another, and vice versa.  If you will be keeping your registration at another parish, you are still encouraged to fill out the form here so that we can keep you informed about parish events and so that we can contact you if necessary.  However, please inform us by email, mail or telephone if you are staying registered elsewhere so that we can be sure to list you as an associate here rather than as a member.

Our parish database software allows you to complete much of the registration online, so you are encouraged to help us out by providing as much of your information through the online form as possible.   If you do not have Internet access, paper registration forms can be obtained from the parish office.

Ready to register?  Great.  Here is what you do:

  1. Go to

  2. Click "New User?"

  3. In the "Organization" field, choose "St. Stanislaus Parish, Nashua"

  4. Fill out the form, choosing a User Name for yourself and providing the basic information requested including your current email address

  5. Click "Submit Registration"

We will process your form and you will receive an email with your user name and a temporary password.  This can take up to a few days since it has to be processed manually when the office is open.  Once you receive the temporary password, go back to and log in using your User Name and temporary password.  You will be prompted to change the temporary password to one of your own choosing.  Once you are logged back in, please provide as much information as you are able.  The first page you will see when you log in is your family home page, which will be mostly blank.


  1. Click on "My Family"

  2. Click on "Family Detail" (just above the bigger words "My Family")

  3. Click on the "Edit Details" button near the bottom of the page

  4. Fill out these fields which tell us about your family.  Please note:

    • You can provide us up to three addresses.  "Home" is your actual physical address (e.g. 52 Roland Ave.)  "Mailing" is your mailing address, if different (e.g. P.O. Box 424).  "Other" might be a vacation address and you can even list the dates you want us to use that address when mailing things to you

    • You can upload a family photo.  This would be very helpful for the priests as we get to know everyone.  You can also check the box as to whether you would allow that picture to be included in a parish pictorial directory if we were to print one

  5. Next (this is important!) click the "Member Details" tab and click on the "Edit Details" button near the bottom of the page.   Fill out the information about the Head of the Household.  Be sure to click the 'Save" button at the bottom when you are done.

  6. Click the "Add" tab and fill out the "Member Details" for the next family member in the household.  (Remember to click on the "Edit Details" button to start and "Save" when you finish each family member).

  7. Repeat this process for each family member in the household

  8. After your last family member is entered, you can click the "Save and Close" button at the bottom of the page.  Then you can click "Sign Out" or simply close your browser.

Here are some additional notes on the "Member Details" section:

  1. In the "General" tab at the bottom, when you choose your "Career Type" you can give more specific information in the next line called "Details," e.g.  "Nashua Corporation, Foreman"

  2. We do not need your Social Security Number so please leave this field blank

  3. You will not be able to fill in the "Sacraments" information, that needs to be done at the office.  Later, we will send an email or have some other way for you to provide us that information

  4. Under the "Misc." tab at the bottom, you can select up to five "Member Strengths" to list talents, experience and interests you have that could help the parish

  5. The "Special Needs" box is for informing us about things like gluten intolerance, homebound individuals, Deafness, or any other particular circumstance that we should know about

Please do you your best to complete as much of this online as possible.  If you get stuck, please don't get frustrated.  It is a bit of a complicated process but it will greatly help us.  Feel free to call or email the rectory and we will be glad to help you.  Thank you for registering and welcome to your new parish!

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